Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Satellite TV vs Cable TV

Which do you think is better? If you'll ask me, I'll go for cable. I have tried working for a certain Satellite TV, we were the front liners for the company. That means if there are problems with customers' TV reception or with their blackbox, we answer to their call complaints. I really couldn't understand why there are still a lot of people who would rather have Satellite TV than Cable TV. With satellite TV, a lot of problems could happen. For example during winter season, snow would pile up on the customers' satellite dishes, that would cause some problems with the quality that they are getting on the TV. If there are strong winds, that could cause problems as well. Using those blackbox or receivers could cause confusions with TV remote controls. Especially to old people, they have problems using the remote controls. They would often forget to press the satellite button on the remote control that's why they could get any channels. Using satellite TV is a bit complicated. The good thing baout Satellite TV is their High Definition shows. There are lot of high definition channels with Satellite TV. People who live on mountains, or towns which don't have cable providers, or those people who lives in an RV find Satellite TV really good because they could have it even if they are on places which they could not use Cable TV.

With Cable TVs, it is less complicated at all. No receivers and satellite dishes to install, only cables. Even if you have a bad weather, you would still be able to watch your favorite TV shows at home. The most important thing, Cable TV is much cheaper compared to Satellite TVs.