Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anime lovers

an·i·me - (ān'ə-mā')
n. A style of animation developed in Japan, characterized by stylized colorful art and often adult themes.

Back then when I still wasn't interested about anime, I have always thought of my friends too puerile. But then again, i was a bit curious what's with this infantile TV show that makes them go crazy. I asked my girlfriend, why is it a lot of mature people are inlove with these TV series. Little did i know that before we have met, my girlfriend used to watch a certain anime show call "Samurai X". So she just answered me, "try it so that you'll know".

SO one day, I got snoopy and said to myself why not try watching it and feel what they are feeling everytime they watch it. As i was downloading some MP3s on my PC, I tried typing "NARUTO" on the search bar which is actually the most talked anime show. I tried downloading 10 episodes of it to make sure that I would be able to comprehend the story or a bit of it. After the download completed, I got something to eat and then got in front of the PC and started watching it.

Guess what happened after watching the first 10 episodes of this Naruto series? I ended up downloading the rest of it. I fell inlove with this stupid but very interesting child from Konoha named, Naruto. So after that, I tried watching other anime shows which actually made me understand why there are lots of people who are craving to watch every episode of their favorite anime shows.

So guys, if you will ask me why I love watching every episode of my favorite anime shows, my answer will be the same with my girlfriend, " Try it so that you'll know".